Dark brown calf with yellow tag on right ear
Updated: September 14, 2021


Beginning Farmer Success: Livestock Manual 

  • A manual to help Beginning Farmers start a livestock farm. Sections include:
    • General Information
    • Business of Livestock
    • Species
    • Beef Cattle 
    • Dairy Cattle
    • Equine
    • Poultry
    • Sheep and Goats 
    • Swine
    • Alternative Agricultural Animals 
    • Other Resources 
  • Rolling green hill with beef animals eating the grass

    Beef Production

  • Two researchers standing with dairy cows, posing for the photo

    Dairy Production

  • Three brown horses on the CMREC horse demonstration field


  • Broiler chickens feeding


  • Male goat

    Sheep and Goats

  • Group of small pink pigs, with one giving the camera the lazy eye

    Swine Production

Considering more animals for your farm?

Take a look at the Adding Animals to your Farm presentation and then explore our resources for each species.

Learn about the Livestock and Poultry Industries

These presentations cover the structure of livestock markets, provides livestock term definitions, and looks at cattle, sheep, horses, swine and poultry production: