Whether you are exploring rural entrepreneurship or find yourself already engaged in farming activity, the resources and tools in the Business Modules section of this website will inspire you to refine your business plans and further your goals. 

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Assessing Your Farm Business Plan

Nowhere does the old adage “failing to plan, is planning to fail” more applicable than when preparing to launch a new business enterprise or service company. Regardless of the greatness of your product, unless you carefully plan in advance how to operate a profitable, sustainable business, your business success will be limited. The goal of the Maryland Rural Enterprise Development Center is to help you succeed in that planning process and this is why we have launched a new tool, Assessing Your Farm Business Plan.

Assessing Your Farm Business Plan

Cultivating Entrepreneurship

Have you ever had a fleeting thought of starting a business or new enterprise but raked it from your mind thinking it would never work?

This module is organized into two sections including a information on Coaching Assistance and additional resources on Growing Your Business.  We hope this module will provide you with assistance during the process of developing your business.

Cultivating Entrepreneurship

Your Ag Business Venture: Dream, Plan, Implement!

Starting a business is an exciting and challenging undertaking. But, careful planning, a good understanding of all your numbers, adaptability, and perseverance are often the keys to a successful business start-up.

Explore the resources on this page for guidance in developing a successful enterprise. Select a topic directly below or use the built-in navigation on each page to guide you through all subjects.

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Farm Business Planning Workbook

Planning is essential to any business, no matter how large or small your inventory, payroll, and bank account. To be sustainable and profitable a farm operation must have a clear understanding of production, marketing, finances, and labor. Having these plans mentally is not enough! Taking time to formulate thoughts, evaluate your business, devise a strategy, and anticipate possible problems will help your business be successful.

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Financial Matters

Successful people know how to effectively manage budgets and finances. They know how much they have borrowed, the interest rates they are paying, and anything else that can affect their business. They always save for a rainy day. Understanding the principle that they must spend money to make money...

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New and Beginning Farmers

According to USDA statistics, half of all current farmers in the U.S. are likely to retire in the next decade. Enlisting and supporting new farmers is essential to the future of family farms, the farm economy, and healthy rural communities. Who will these new farmers be?  The Beginning Farmer Success program's goal is to increase the number of successful beginning farmers and acreage farmed by them in Maryland. The project has an emphasis on practical training for beginning farmers, including new, underserved, limited resource, socially disadvantaged, minority and ethnic, and explorer farming audiences.

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Technology Tools

Let's Take a Closer Look at Technology for Growing Your Business. Businesses everywhere are beginning to incorporate smartphones, iPad, social media, and digital technology into their business and marketing plans. Agriculture and rural businesses are no different.

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Labor, Legal, and Liability Issues