Cooking 5 Ways


What's in your pantry?  Take a closer look and then check out  these Cooking 5 Ways ideas.  Use pantry foods you have on hand, in different ways, to make healthy meals and snacks!


  • A bean salad with black eyed peas, edamame, kidney and garbanzo beans.

    Beans 5 Ways

    Looking for ways to make a hearty meal for less? Beans are a low-cost option instead of meat.

  • A small bowl with a variety of dried beans.

    Cooking with Beans

    Try these different ways to cook dried beans - a quick soak method when you are short on time and a long soak method when you can plan meals ahead.

  • Colorful stuffed peppers with whole grain rice and parsley as garnish.

    Rice 5 Ways

    Rice is nice any time of day! Serve rice as a side dish, as a tasty dessert, in casseroles and soups too!

  • A variety of different rice - -white, red, brown, long grain (Shutterstock -- LW rights)

    Cooking with Rice

    Try something new! Learn about different kinds of rice, cooking directions, and ways to stretch your meals farther.

  • Green apples sliced and topped with peanut butter and blueberries.

    Peanut Butter 5 Ways

    It's not just for sandwiches! Peanut butter adds protein to meals and snacks to keep you going strong all day long.

  • A homemade salsa wiht tomatoes, red onion, jalapeno and cilantro in a grayish bowl and a tomato to the right hand side.

    Tomatoes 5 Ways

    All forms count! Canned vegetables and fruits are healthy options, ready to add to any meal. Try these suggestions!

  • A blue bowl with a salad topped with canned salmon.

    Canned Chicken and Fish 5 Ways

    It's fully cooked and ready to eat when you are! Make meals in a snap with these serving ideas.

  • A bowl of pumpkin oatmeal topped with pumpkin seeds on a blue towel with cinnamon sticks and pumpkin in the background.

    Canned Pumpkin 5 Ways

    Add delicious flavor, fiber, and nutrition with canned pumpkin! Check out these serving ideas and give pumpkin a starring role in your recipes.

  • A bowl of oats surrounded by pieces of oats and a whole oat stalk.

    Oats 5 Ways

    Start your day with whole grains! Oats are a low-cost breakfast that will keep you feeling full until lunchtime. Try these other ideas for adding oats to main dishes and snacks too!

  • Three different kinds of smoothies - kiwi, berry, and banana with fruits in the front on a wooden background.

    Milk 5 Ways

    Want to boost nutrition in family meals? Add milk for calcium, vitamin D, and protein. Try these tasty ideas and stay strong with milk!

  • A pea and avocado dip with chopped avocado on top surrounded by whole grain crackers and carrots.

    Canned Vegetables 5 Ways

    No time to chop vegetables? Pop open a can of carrots, lima beans, green beans, or beets and make a healthy meal in a flash!

  • Colorful salad with tomatoes and canned mandarin oranges.

    Canned Fruit 5 Ways

    Sweeten things up, naturally. Add canned fruit to breakfast, lunch, and dinner dishes too! Check out these delicious ideas!

  • A variety of green leafy vegetables.

    Cooking with Leafy Greens

    Try cooking your leafy greens in a variety of ways! Leafy greens can be listed as softer or tougher depending on the variety.

  • A quiche with leafy greens and tomatoes cut into three pieces.

    Leafy Greens 5 Ways

    Leafy greens are so much more than just salads! Try these exciting ways to add leafy greens to simple weeknight meals.